Proper Guide on How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat

How to keep Baby Cool in Car Seat? With summer getting hotter year by year and winter recording historical low thanks to global warming, it is not surprising to have the temperature exceeding 100 degrees in some states during summer.

Because of hot summer, you will have to find a car seat that is heavily padded for improved protection from front, rear, and side impacts and seats are becoming increasingly’ deeper’ as a result.

How to keep Baby Cool in Car Seat:

This means that your baby is more than safer in the car, but there is one disadvantage of these car seats that they get hot very easily, especially in summer.

Rear-facing infant car seats where the air conditioning cannot hit the infant directly, and thus you end up red-faced, sweaty and screaming baby.

All the car seats manufacturers are well aware of this, and they are trying to create a premium version of these car seats as an upgrade to the basic one with supposedly more breathable fabric and sometimes use mesh where they could use them to make their seats even better.

While this feature certainly helps to ensure a more comfortable ride for your baby at the back. There are a few more things that you can do to keep your baby cool and clam while you are driving in your car.

How Do you know if a Baby is overheated?

Doctors say that when your baby is too hot, then his skin will usually feel very warm, especially early on, but if overheating progress, the baby may get cool, pale and appear ill.

According to the doctors, babies and young children are very susceptible to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition that can result in order to keep your baby from becoming overheated.

It is very important for you to keep your baby away from sunlight and heat. But now a day’s summer is getting very hot, and it is impossible to keep your baby inside the house. While as a human being, you also have responsibilities to fulfil.

But you also can’t let your child home alone, especially at the age of 1 to 8.

So you have to take every precaution to make your baby safe, and one of the precautions is your car seat.

We all know that car seats can get very hot in summer and this is very dangerous for your baby. Your baby is too soft to bear this type of temperature. So here are the top 10 ways to keep your baby cool in the car seat.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in a Car Seat

Here are the top 10 ways to keep your baby cool in a car seat.

1. Pre-Cool Before the Ride:

Before you head out, you can turn on the a/c for a few minutes before putting your child on the seat. To do this, you have to almost start your car for 10 minutes before leaving the house.

In 10 minutes, your car temperature will get lower, and now you can easily put your baby in the car seat. Keep a/c on while you are driving because if your turn of the a/c the temperature of the will get high and your baby will start to get hot in just a few minutes.

This is one of the best tips to keep your baby cool in the car seat without making any extra efforts.

2. Try to schedule your trips in the morning whenever possible:

We know that a mother can’t leave their child at home while going for shopping appointments, errands to run, and other commitments. So why not plan in advance and start our day early in the morning.

Because not only is the weather more pleasant in the morning but you will find yourself with less waiting time and less crown in public places this is the perfect time for you to take your, baby, outside.

We know that by the time the afternoon heats creeps in you did have likely checked off most of your errands and able to babysit at the comfort of your own home.

Weather in the evening is also very pleasant, but I’m not a fan of running errands in the evening, but if it works for you then you can also take your baby outside in the evening.

3. Dress light:

To keep your baby in a car seat is a very difficult job, and as a mother, you will do everything to make your baby feel comfortable in the car seat. But this is one of the easiest ways to keep your baby cool in the car seat.

You have to do only one thing to keep your baby cool is that just dress your baby light clothes, and your baby will feel comfortable in the back seat.

Many parents put heavy clothes to their baby, and in-the car baby start to get warmer they have no idea what they have done wrong.

So dress your baby light this will keep them cool inside a car and also turn on your car a/c as well this will also help your baby to keep cool inside the car.

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your baby cool on a car seat.

4. Water is your friend:

You can take a damp clean cloth and use it on the child’s hair and skin to cool him/her down. The neck area work particularly well. You can also use a spray bottle during a hot summer ride for your older child.

When you use a wet cloth on your baby first, your baby’s skin will feel cooler, but the main mechanism of cooling will happen when the water evaporates off the skin and taking excess heat of the child.

You have to be careful while using a wet cloth on your child don’t wet you child’s t-shirt too much if you are going to an air-conditioned place after getting off the car to avoid catching a cold afterward.

By using this method, your child will feel comfortable, and he or he will not disturb you while you are driving the car.

5. Try Evaporating cooling towels:

These towels on the same concepts are cooling by evaporation. The material of these cooling towels is like a piece of car shimmy. This cooling towel is different from regular towels; it has its ability to absorb and retain a greater volume of water.

This means that these towels can stay wet for a long time to evaporate and keep the towel cool for a very long time.

You can also put these towels on your children’s lap and used it to keep your children’s face cool. Some parents are afraid to use these towels because they think this will cause rashes to their children’s faces, but it’s not true these towels are very safe to use.

You can also use these towels to keep yourself cool if you are feeling the heat. Do note that it should not be used underneath the harness straps.

6. Consider lighter colored interior:

This method is only applied to those who are considering a new car or to those who are doing upholstery on their car seats.

As we all know that darker color absorbs and retain more heat as compared to lighter colors, which reflects a larger percentage of the heat.

A beige-color interior is a very common color to choose for your car seats, but you won’t go too wrong as long as they are not black and dark gray because both these colors absorb and retain heat.

So we advise you to choose a lighter color for your interior. This will give any advantages to you to keep your baby cool inside the car.

These colors may require more frequent cleaning, but if you are at the stage where you are actively increasing your household count, so it will be a worthwhile consideration.

7. Get your windows tinted:

If you are the thing to get your vehicle windows tinted this is the time to pull the trigger. We all know that in summer because of the hot weather your car can get hot in no time.

So this is the perfect time to get your car windows tinted a quality window film not only reject the heat and glare, but it also offers other benefits to both driver and the children in the back seat.

Here are some of the benefits of professional tinted windows.

  • These tinted windows will block up to 99% of damaging UV rays to protect the baby’s sensitive eyes and tender skin
  • The film laminate helps to hold the glass together instead of shattering into tiny pieces upon impact; this will keep your baby safe in a crash.
  • These films will reduce eye fatigue for the driver, resulting in a more focused driving.
  • You can enjoy more privacy when you make breastfeeding stops.

8. You can also use reflective sunshades and car seat sunshades before leaving the car:

An outdoor parking lot under the sun will heat your car very quickly. To avoid this using a reflective sunshade on your windshield can really make a huge difference to slow down the toasting, and this option is best for you.

There are many types of shades available in the market for your car itself you can purchase a car seat sunshade to warp up your seat to keep it cooler.

Make sure to keep covers the metal buckle because a sudden contact with a scorching metal buckle can result in unintentional burning.

These shades are very effective, and they will keep your car cool no matter how hot it is from outside. Use these shades, or you can also get your windows tinted.

9. Place a car seat cooler:

A car seat cooler is ice packs in a cover. Bring a frozen ice pack with you while you are out of the car then place it in the car seat before you leave your car.

After a few hours when you return to your car, the seat will be nice and cool when you return from your errands and put your child into the seat.

This method is one of the easiest methods to keep your car seat cool no matter how hot the weather is hot from the outside just place seat cooler and left it for few minutes, and your seat will get cold in just a few moments.

Never place a child on top of the car seat cooler because the cooler is meant to be used on an empty car seat only.

Seat cooler is very easy to make just put ice packs in a cover, and your cooler is ready.

10. Try the Noggle:

The noggle is a gadget that’s getting very popular and rightly so. This is how it works; it essentially directs the air from one of the car’s vent to the little rider in the back seat with the help of a flexible and lightweight tube.

This is very useful for those vehicles without back vent. Even for vehicles with back air vents in the case of a rear-facing car seat, the air only hits the rear of the car seat.

With the help of this gadget, you can channel the air effectively to keep infant cool and comfortable. During winter you can also use this gadget to keep your baby warm in the car seat.

You can use this gadget in both kinds of weather summer and spring there is a saying about this gadget, and it is very popular that you can kill two birds with one noggle.

Bottom Line:

Everyone wants to keep their children cool on the car seat; no one wants that their baby will feel any type of discomfort while riding with you on the back seat of your car.

With the tips above I’m sure that your child will never be hot in the car seat again. Because all these methods are very safe and secure by using this method, you will never have to face disappointment.

We assure you that after using these methods, your problem will get solved in no time without making any extra effort.

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