How Many Car Seats are Installed Incorrectly?

Everybody know the importance of Car Seats and It’s Installation. If your car seat installs correctly then you safe his life when your car is crash. Most of the Car Seats company provide instruction on How Many Car Seats are Installed Incorrectly, but most of the people cannot read the instruction carefully and face a lot of problems.

If your car seat not installed correctly then it’s just you facing a problem and uncomfortable when you sitting on the seat. Now I suggest you please read the instruction carefully and then install the car seat.

Percent of Car Seats Installed Incorrectly: NHTSA Figures

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 59 percent of the car seat are installed incorrectly, means to say 3 seats out of 5 are installed incorrectly.

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Thousand of the child are expired in every year due to a car crash. You can save the lives of thousands of children that are died in a car accident by using the right car seat and install correctly.

Some people use an imported high-quality car seat for his child but install it incorrectly to lose the benefit of the imported high-quality car seat. Sometimes one wrong decision loss the actual benefit of the product.

Proper Way to Install Car Seat:

We can spend a lot of money to protect himself and his family. But one wrong decision loss whole protection and make our investment useless. Always take the right decision and read the instruction carefully before any action.

Most of the couples having a trip on the weekend. So they put babies on car seat a drive a car unfairly to enjoy the weekend with his family. But here the one thing is more important that is a car seat. Car seat means not only for a child it’s also for a teenager and aged people.

Today we see many road accidents and many more people are injured and expire in it. But we do not learn anything from it. I suggest you must install the car seat correctly and have the airbag to save his life.

Most of the car seat companies provide good car seats with an airbag but we installed incorrectly and loss his benefit. In Europe, mostly car has a seat with airbag to save a life when a car is crashed on the road.

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Accidently when the car is crashed on the road then automatically open airbag and protect you from injuries. But with airbag thousand of the children are expire in every year in a road accident and its value increase day by day and most of the reason behind this is incorrectly install the seat.

How to Install a Car Seat Correctly:

Now I will provide a guide on how to install a car seat correctly. Please follow these instructions and save a life during crashed. We also share some pictures that are properly help of you to install a car seat correctly.

Step-1: Position of the Car Seat:how many car seats are installed incorrectly

Position of the seat is important because if the position is not good then we have not installed a car seat correctly. Keep the seat in the middle of the car seat where easily seat belt installed.

Blow picture is clear the position properly. Keep remembering in mind the position of the seat that are defined in this article. If you want to get a proper result then must put seat is middle.

Step-2: Setting of Car Seat Belt:

percent of car seats installed incorrectlyThe second step is setting and position of the seat belt. It’s important because the seat that are you installed on the seat is properly installed with seat belts. Means to say we need something that properly stops the stirs.

Below picture shows how to set the seat belt of the seat. First of all, you make sure the left and right side of the seat is locked with seat belt and then connect the head of the seat with the head of the actual seat of the car.

Most of the car seat has a proper position on the back where we set the seat are shown in the picture.

Step-3: Check Car Seat Fitness by Putting Child:

car seats installed incorrectlyIn third and last step check the fitness of the car seat by pushing here and there to ensure seat are correctly installed on the actual place and then put a child on the seat and check child are comfortable or not.

Ensure the fitness of the seat according to this method means putting the seat belt to the child. If your baby feels comfortable then it means your seat install correctly.

When you travel anywhere with his family then must install a car seat for his baby correctly. Correct installation saves the life of your family and especially your child.

How to Remove Car Seat Correctly

After correct installation and usage of car seat then we need to remove it. Now we guide you on how to remove a car seat correctly after use.

First of all, unlock the seat belt of the baby and get back the baby from the seat. After receiving the child, then remove the headlock to the seat. After the headlock remove the next step is to unlock the left-right side seat belt.

Now at the end get back the seat from the car and the procedure is complete. If you read the whole article with focus then you must note the procedure of removing car seat are totally reverse then putting seat.

When we install the seat then first we put the seat then lock the left-right seat belt after this lock head with the seat belt then put the baby. But on the other hand when we remove the seat, first we got back the child and then unlock the seat belt of the head after this unlock the left-right seat belts and at the end get back the seat from the car.

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