Top 10 Best Car Seat Head Support Baby Reviews 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

These car seat head support baby are designed to protect kids from their birth up to at least 45 pounds facing backward and up to 65 pounds or even 80 pounds facing forward and depending on the model of the car seat.

These seats are placed in a different position depending on a Childs age and size. These seats face toward the rear until a baby is ready to face head support for infant car seat

According to parents, they want to protect their children from a car crash and make them comfortable while they are traveling on a road trip.

There are various types of car seats available in the market, but all of them are not perfect for your children you should choose a car seat which fit with the requirements of your children.

As we all know, weight ranges vary on the car seats, so it is very important to consider a Childs height and weight before buying a car seat.

If you are using a car seat, then make sure it fits your child correctly, a small child in the largest seat may not be the best option.

There are various types of seats available in the market. Some seats require age measurement to buy perfectly according to your baby, but some seat is used from newborn until your child is grown to fit with your car seat belt.

These types of seats are called all in one booster seats. They are very expensive, but you have to invest once, so it is worth investing.

There is something you should prefer before buying a car seat such as comfort zone, security, optimal head support, and many other things.

Comfort zone is one of the first things you should check before buying a car seat because every parent wants their baby to feel comfortable while traveling in the car so they can drive without any disturbance. So try to buy a seat which is made with 100% natural cotton.

The second and the most important thing you should think about before buying a car seat is how secure your child is in that car seat. Some car seats are very comfortable, but they are not secure.

So try to find a car seat which provides 100% security to your baby in a car crash.

The third thing is that you should always look for optimal head support for your baby. Sometime a long trip will become hectic for a child, so you should always get those car seats that are comfortable for your Childs’s neck.

According to the doctor’s newborns, baby’s necks are too sensitive and can be damaged easily, so try to find a car seat which provides best neck support for your baby.

Top 10 Best Car Seat Head Support Baby

Here are some of the top 10 car seats that can provide your baby with comfort and security. Getting the best seats can be hard, but if you know the right tricks and tips, then you can easily get the right seats.

1. SummerSnuzzler Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers

This product is not only for the head but also used for the body. This is an adjustable design that makes it easy for parents to adjust it according to their baby. So your children can easily use this seat while seat head support baby

The cut of the body allows it to adapt to most stroller and car seats; this makes it very easy for parents to adjust the seat and stroller straps.

One of the cool this about this set is that it has two sides, one for warm weather and the other is for cold weather.

The summer infant snuzzler provides full support to your baby’s head and body. The length of this seat can easily be adjusted to provide a custom fit for your growing baby.

The material of this seat is very soft and cozy that offers car seats trolley and extra swing. It has a very refreshing effect on a very hot day so your baby can’t get hot on a car seat.

This seat has been tested to many tests against safety shocks. The head support for car seat has unique contours, and the padding is on the sides, not like others which have behind the child, so there is no interference with the car seats.


  • Crash tested for safety
  • Weight is 11.2 ounces
  • Don’t have to change it when your baby grows
  • The dimension of this seat is 10.2 x 8.7 x 4.6 inches


  • head pillow attaches BEHIND the body portion

2. JJ Cole Head Support Graphite – Car Seat Head Support

Some parents want their children to grow fast, and children are tending to grow fast. The manufactured of this product understand your situation, and they have created head support that can easily adapt to the baby’s growth.

baby car seat pillow

They also cradle the baby’s head in styles so they can travel with safety. This is one of the best head support for the car seat. JJ Cole collections offer parents a product that embodies the utility and convenience.

With the help of this elegant car seat head support. You can easily protect your baby’s neck and head in order to keep them safe. To grow easily with your baby, from grown babies to babies’ two separate pieces of the headrest are designed to fit comfortably with the needs of your baby.

The style of this seat is very comfortable, and it’s is made with soft valet and breathable embroidered knits so your baby can travel in comfort.

This seat is very easy to wash because it is made with breathable fabrics you don’t have to put extra effort while washing your seat. This seat allows maximum comfort to your baby, and it also takes care of your baby safety.


  • It can easily adapt to baby growth
  • This seat has two separate pieces of the headset
  • It’s very easy to wash with hands and also machine washable
  • The material is very soft, breathable fabrics for ultimate comfort


  • It doesn’t attach

3. Britax Head and Body Support Pillow – Baby Car Seat Pillow

Everyone wants a seat that provides with full body and contoured head support that gives you ultimate comfort while you are traveling with your baby then this seat is your best car seat neck support

The design of this infants head and body support has plush fleece on one side, and moisture manipulates fabric on the other side which control the temperature for all seasons.

When your baby is feeling hot and starts to sweat, then EZ dry wicking fabric keeps the moisture away from the baby and keep him dry. The plush fleece feature helps to keep your little baby cozy and warm in cool weather.

These seats fit in both car seat and stroller seat, so you don’t have to buy different seats for stroller and for your car. This seat has been tested in many crashes.

This car seat is machine washable, so you don’t have to put extra effort while washing this seat.  It provides you with full body and contoured head support so that your baby feels comfortable while traveling in a car.

This seat has many features, and everyone wants these features in their car seats.  The heating support of the seat is reversible and provides two fabrics in both heat and cool months. This seat is designed to be used for all 12 months long.


  • This seat is imported
  • It Fits car seat and stroller harness systems
  • It provides two fabrics for both heat and cool month
  • The head support is adjustable and detachable for versatility as the baby grows


  • The headrest nearly folds into a taco

4. DorDor&GorGorCuddle ME Infant Head Support – Baby Car Seat Support

The product is height is made based on a child’s development design.

This seat has been long term testing by medical experts have shown that it performs a vital role in the growth of your Childs bone and body, we all know that children require comfort for growing and this seat provides you child with that headrests for car seats

These car seats are made up of remarkable and hypoallergenic polyester fiber, and the head support of this product is free of fluorescing, phthalate, flame and other detrimental substance.

The head support of this product is shaped as pearls and high rebound that assist the baby’s head, and they never deform. The materials that are used to make this product are very soft, breathable, absorbent, and right for child body.

The design of this seat is very nice that the baby can experience blissful and safety while you are driving your car.

We all know that all parents worries about their child while they are driving and your baby is taking a nap on the back seat then don’t worry about them your baby is totally comfortable thanks to this organic cotton 2 in 1 reversible seat.


  • Head support is in the shape of the pearl
  • It is machine washable and very easy to dry
  • For winters another side is made up of cozy cotton
  • For summers one side of this seat is made with breathable cotton


  • Great concept but simply not functional

5. Baby Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton Seat – Best Head Support for Infant Car Seat

It is made with 100% natural organic cotton with breathable sequential 3D air mesh contribution, which keeps the cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.head support for car seat

The ventilated 3D cool air mesh fabric is used for the back of the baby who has a lot of heat and sheds a lot of sweat, which makes your baby feel more comfortable inside the seat.

The soft cushions for extra comfort and excellent self-recovery to its original shape, so you don’t have to adjust it according to your baby it adjusts itself.

This seat is very easy to install it is very lightweight and highly durable by its use of premium material, which makes this seat very unique and different from the others.

This infant car seat head support is a multi-usee headrest that offers spinal/neck alignment and comfort to your baby body. This head support can go with the toddler goes, stroller, swings, automobile seat, and tables.

This product is 100% handmade, and the fabric of this product is washable by machines. This seat is one of the best seat presents in the market.


  • Machine washable
  • Made with 100% natural cotton
  • These seats are very lightweight and very easy to install
  • Hygienic construction that prevents germs and harmful microbes
  • Soft cushion for extra comfort and automatically turn back to its original shape


  • it does work with BOB strollers

6. Lebogner Head And Body Support Pillow – Infant Car Seat Neck Support

This head and body support is the perfect solution to keep your baby safe and very comfortable while being in their car seat and the stroller.

This seat is a perfect gift to your friend to give them on their baby shower that simply WOW any new mum with exceptional convenience.infant car seat headrest

This seat is made with strong fiber fabric and will be comfortable in both season’s winter and summer. The cushion helps support the baby head while seated in car seat stroller and infant’s swings.

The cushions of this product are very comfortable, and the head support pillows that fits snuggly around infants of all the sizes.

It is also adjustable, and a detachable head for versatility as the baby grows to be custom fit inside the seat.

The head and body pillows work well with both car seats and harness strollers. The fabric of this product is machine washable and tumbles dry.

These seats are tested in different car crashes to test its safety shocks. It is very safe for your baby, and your baby feels like he is at home, and you can drive without having any type of insecurity for your baby.


  • Made with strong fibre fabric
  • Seats are crash-tested for safety
  • Machine washable and tumbles dry
  • Totally safe and comfortable for your baby
  • Comfortable to use in both seasons winter and summer
  • Adjustable and detachable head for versatility as the baby grows


  • It’s a velour type fabric, not cotton
  • Strap covers have caused more harm

7. StoHua Child Car Seat Head Support – Carseat Sleeping Head Support Band for Toddler Kids

This headrest is great for your baby to take a good nap in it, and it also gives great support to your Childs’s head while in the car seat. Many parents prefer this car seat support band for their kids.

newborn headrest for car seat

No more hanging neck when your child goes to seep this head support band is perfect for long trips.

It is very easy to use just hook and loop it can be adjustable to fit baby’s head and support any toddler baby you can adjust into the size of your kids head.

This headband can be fit in any car because it has long webbing plus adjustable buckle and can be fit in all types of car seats with making some extra effort on it.

The most important thing is that this headband will protect you Childs head in a crash; it will not let your baby head to hit on the front seat because it is made with very strong fabric which will hold you babies head still.

It is very sweet for children and moms. It is tests passed, free of toxins, and no chemical is used while making this product made with 100% natural cotton.


  • Great for your napping baby
  • Can be fixed on all kinds of cars
  • Gives great support for your Childs’s head while in the car seat
  • It is very easy to use hoop and loop can be adjustable to fit the baby’s head


  • Difficult Installing

8.JJ Cole Reversible Body Support Graphite – Head Support for Baby Car Seats

This seat has reversible body support soft velvet on the one side of the seat and a breathable embroidered fabric on the other side of the seat, which gives the baby comfort at any time of the year.newborn head support

It is made to support not only the head but also the body which gives the child the additional help that your baby needs.

The head support of this best car seat is adjustable and removable, which helps to accommodate the growth of the baby. The fabric of this product is washable by machine.

It can fit snuggly around infants of all sizes. It offers parents products that embody the utility and convince while adopting fashion and style.

It is very good for those parents who are very busy and who are constantly on the move because JJ Coles strives to cope with the needs and desires of these parents.

This product is one of the best products available on the market. The style of this seat makes it different from other seats available in the market, which makes it unique from the other seats.

This seat has been tested to many tests against safety shocks.


  • Machine washable and tumbles dry
  • Fit snuggly around infants of all sizes
  • It has reversible fabric for year-round comfort
  • Support not only the head but gives additional help which baby body needs
  • Front fabric: 100% cotton: insert 100% polyester back fabric 100% polyester, filling 100% polyester


  • Too big and tight

9. NapUp Child Head Support for Car Seat – Baby Carseat Headrest

Nap up is fully compliant with us and EU safety standards and is the only head support product that has passed multiple crash tests because the maker of this product wants to make sure the safety feature of this seat head and body support

It is the original head support solution which stops your child head from falling forward whenever they go to sleep in the car and keep their head secure.

This product is made up of two parts the headrest is attached to the car seat and the head strap, which is connected to it. When your child is awake, the head strap moves up automatically without disturbing them.

The design attaches to all types of car seats and high back booster seat and it also easily adjusts to various head sizes.

The accessories of this car seat are made of high-quality material that will assure you of the safety of your children. If you have any doubt, according to this product, you can contact the company service and ask them for a full refund.

Nap up child head support is one the best product available in the market.


  • Supports your head, chest and neck and make them safer
  • It attached with all kinds of car seats and high back booster
  • It is the only head support product that has passed multiple crash tests
  • It is made up of two parts the headrest and the head strap which connects to it


  • Not Good Design

10. StoHua Adjustable Child Car Seat Head Support Band

STOHUA adjustable child car seat head support band is one the best car seat head support band available in the market. The belts are placed on the head of the children to hold their head when they fall asleep in the car seat to avoid their head to go forward or even to the seat side.neck support for car seat

The head strap is made with soft thick cotton, which is very comfortable to their heads, it is a must-have protective accessory for your baby’s head or the sudden movement in the car while they are resting or having asleep.

The leash with buckle can be adjustable to fix on car seats, very easy to install and it is very suitable for a stroller, pram or baby car seat.

The diameter of these car seats is length 55 cm, width 44 cm. Front belt length 36.5 widths 7 cm.

These attached to all kinds of cars including any types of the stroller so this means you don’t have to buy different seats for your car and stroller this seat is two in one.

If you have any type of doubt about this seat, you can contact our customer service for a refund.


  • Suitable for stroller, pram or baby car seat
  • It is made up of 100% natural cotton and washable by machine
  • Head strap is made with soft thick cotton comfortable with heads
  • The belts are placed to their head to holds baby head when they sleep in the car


  • Very Cheap

Car seat head support baby USER Guide

Below is the user guide of car seats that will help you to buy the best car seats.

Why is car seat support important for a baby?

Using the car seat is the best way to protect your child when you are traveling by car. In the United States, every car with a baby should require an infant or small child will be restrained.

It has a good reason behind them because every year, many children die with unintentional injury, and most of the injuries are from automobile crashes.

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Child safety seats can greatly reduce the risk of a fatal injury, especially for babies but also for toddlers. But in some states, many safety seats are used incorrectly. When choosing any car seat following some general guidelines will help to ensure your child safety.

As we all know that the best car seat is not always the most expensive one the best seat for your child is those that fit with your Childs weight, size, and age.

If you need help installing your safety seat or would like a technician to check whether you have installed your safety seat properly.

Key benefits of buying the best car seat for the baby

There are some key benefits of buying the best car seat for a baby.

  • Buy a car seat which is designed to fit in most toddler car seat models and strollers.
  • Fit snuggly and make them feel comfortable around children of all sizes.
  • Try to find a safety seat which is made out of long-lasting, robust fiber material to a very high standard, which makes your baby feel comfortable in both seasons.
  • A seat which works with all harness system just simply place the infant in seat and harness baby as usual that will secure your baby in a car.
  • Try to find a seat with Velcro adjustable and a removable head for versatility as the toddler grows to be a customized fit.
  • Those seats are best, which are very simple and very easy to install; there are many seats which requires a technician to install your car seat properly.
  • Only use those seats which are easy to clean and machine washable as we all know that kids can get pretty messy with their chairs.
  • 100% money-back guarantee

These were some key benefit of buying the best car seat for your baby try to find your seat according to these key benefits.

Things to consider when buying car seats

There are some main things you should consider before buying a car seat.

  • Security

The first thing and one of the most important things you should consider before buying a car seat is its security. The headrest keeps the baby head in position while they are in the car.

These seats are tested to ensure that they can adequately protect the baby’s head and his body in a car crash if they failed to too that then you have failed to buy a secure car seat for your baby.

  • Comfort

Every parent wants to keep their children comfortable while traveling in a car or if you want to expose your child to the outdoors.

Try to find a seat which is made with 100% natural cotton because cotton re soft and comfy this will make your baby feel comfortable in a car seat. Some manufacturer design the baby’s head support to make it as breathable as possible so that the baby feels comfy while they are traveling.

  • Optimal head support

The best infant head supports not only designed for safety, but they are also designed with the right padding to ensure you the baby’s head has the right amount of support while traveling in the car.

Many car seats have the right optimal head support that helps your child to feel comfortable while traveling.

  • Versatility

Most of the baby head supports are design to fit both the car seats and the stroller perfectly. First, these head support save your money and also you don’t have to change your seat

They allow you to carry your baby inside and outside of a car seat stroller and depending on you what you will use later.

These were a few things that you should consider before buying the best infant head support for a car seat.

How to install a car seat?

These are the few steps to install a car seat.

  • An infant or small toddler should be placed in the back seat preferably in the middle and must be facing towards the rear of the vehicle until reaching the maximum weight and height limits recommended by the seat maker.
  • First, read the owner manual for your vehicle to find out how to use seatbelts or latch system with a child safety seat.
  • Read the entire child safety manual. Always be sure to make the right angle that is recommended an angle of recline for the seat when it is facing forward.
  • Use your knee to push down on the seat as you tighten it with the car seat belt or LATCH attachment belt through the child safety seat belt path.
  • Your seat should not move more than 1-inch side to side and backward on the belt path. If the seat starts to move, then your seat is not correctly attached to the seat.
  • Some seatbelt will require a special locking clip to keep your belt from loosening.


Safety always comes first, so remember to protect the head of your newborn baby from any type of discomfort and injury by choosing to get ahead support for the stroller or for the car seat.

Parents who are still looking for the best car seats for their babies they can choose one of the above-mentioned product because they all belong to trusted brands, and they all come with a 100% security guarantee.

All the brands mentioned above are available in online stores. But remember to choose the best brand that provides you with security comfort and which matches your budget.

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