Best Lightweight Car Seats in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If for things in life, you would suffer an accident, and your son is in the car, what you least want is for something to happen to him. That is why it is important to have a lightweight car seat for your baby in your vehicle because this reduces the lessons that an accident can cause.

Many times we think we don’t need them, that the paths we travel are short and nothing will happen to us. Then we sit our children in the back seat without a safety chair. In doing so, we risk their lives without realizing it.

You never know what will happen tomorrow; therefore, whether our routes are very short or very long, we must keep our children safe, and one of the ways to do so is to place their safety seat.

Another thing we don’t use the lightweight car seat for is that our children don’t like it, but we must be responsible parents and teach them that they should go in their chair and not in our lap or simply in the back seat.

Child safety is a priority. Using a car seat reduces 75% of injuries, this avoids the impact with other people in the car, even with objects.


Chicco KeyFit 30 Lightweight Car Seat

  • Very easy to clean
  • It comes with the best quality
  • Best design for the small babies

High-quality Run Watch included

  • This seat is very lightweight
  • Set up of this seat is very easy
  • It comes with the affordable price

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  • The installation process is very easy
  • It comes with the two cup holders
  • The seat belt installation is very easy

10 Best Lightweight Car Seats in 2022 Detail Reviews:

In this guide, we will tell you the Top 10 Best lightweight Car Seats for your baby with a complete review, its features, pros, and cons. You can easily select the right car seat for your baby with the help of this guide.

1. Chicco KeyFit 30 Lightweight Car Seats Review:

  • Very easy to clean
  • It comes with the best quality
  • Best design for the small babies
  • The installation process is very easy
  • Sun protection is very low

Many times small is better than bigger. If you have a small vehicle and need a small car seat then KeyFit 30 lightweight car seat is perfect. It comes with the best design including cushions and a small canopy. It provides you the different excellent features.

KeyFit 30 lightweight car seat is passed from the crash test and provides you the side impact protection for the safety of your child.

If we talk about the features of this best lightweight car seat then it provides you the harness and canopy.

The harness allows the seat to fit your child and the canopy provides good protection to your child from the sunlight and air. It comes with a one-year warranty.

If you are searching for a lightweight car seat and also a safe seat for your child then this is the perfect car seat. This seat can’t take too much space in your vehicle. If you need more than one child seat in your vehicle then Keyfit 30 is the perfect car seat for kids.

If we talk about the measurement of this seat then the dimension is 17×27.5×24 inches and the weight is 9.6 pounds.


  • It comes with the five-point harness
  • The EPS foam is also available
  • Very easy to attach and adjust the LATCH system
  • It provides you the machine washable cover
  • Spring-Loaded Leveling
  • LATCH Tightener
  • Level Indicators
  • Stay-in-Car Base
  • Premium LATCH Connectors
  • Newborn Positioner
  • One-Pull Harness
  • Stroller Friendly

Some FAQs:
Does this come with a base?
It came with 1 base.
How much does the Car Seat Weight?
Its weight is 9 pounds without the base.
Do you need to use the base with the Car Seat?
Not necessarily. If you want to use a latch or the Chicco belt locks, you need the base.
Can we use this Car Seat Compatible with airline Seats?
If by compatibility you meant to use it on an airplane then yes you can.

2. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Lightweight Car Seats Review:

  • It comes with the harness holders
  • Design of this seat is best and stylish
  • It provides you the comfortable fabric and padding
  • Provide the best installation system and amazing safety features
  • According to its features, price is high

Now the Primo Viaggio lightweight car seat is also available in the convertible mode, so you can call it a lightweight convertible car seat. This best lightweight car seat is used for both newborns and toddlers.

This lightest convertible car seat provides the maximum safety to your child. So if you are searching for the lightest infant car seat then this is the perfect item for you.

The Viaggio lightweight car seat is made up of the best quality materials that are why this seat is perfect for the safety of the child.

The other reason to buy this lightweight convertible car seat is that it comes with the different safety features including energy absorption foam, adjustable side impact protection, and a cushion foam element. It comes with fresh jersey fabric and stylish look.

If we talk about the feature of this lightest car seat then it allows the child to sit facing backwards up to 20 kg.
The other feature is 5-point harness and if we talk about the weight limit of this car seat then 45 pounds when the children are in their rear configuration and for the facing forward is 65 pounds.

The safety feature side-impact protects your child’s neck, spine, and head. The energy-absorbing foam feature also provides protection to your child.


  • It com
  • This seat is used both rear-facing and forward-facing
  • Weight limit is 5 to 45 pounds for the rear-facing and 22 to 65 pounds for the forward-facing
  • It comes with the side impact protection feature
  • It provides you the Energy absorbing foam
  • LATCH system for the installation
  • For the newborns, removable cushions are also provided
  • The five-point safety harness is also provided with this seat
  • 5 point harness is able to be tightened by pulling on a strap right between baby’s legs
  • The chest plate is easy to fasten and unfasten.
  • The buckle that goes into the harness can be done independently of each other. I have seen seats where the user had to lock the clips together and then fasten them as a unit into the harness.
  • It is very easy to unfasten and loosen the straps to remove the child from the seat and of course, it is easy to fasten child in the seat too!

Some FAQs:
Is this a good seat to use for travelling by aeroplane?
YES, it was a LOT of work to get into the aeroplane seat.
What is the Height Limit for Rear-Facing?
The adjustable headrest has 10 positions. You can use the lowest 7 positions in rear-facing mode.
Is there a cup holder for the seat?
This seat does not come with a cup holder.

3. Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Silver Charm Review:

  • The safety rating is high
  • Comes with high-quality fabric
  • Best design lightweight car seat
  • Too many colors are available
  • The belt of this seat tough to route

Qualified as one of the best lightweight Car Seats for its safety, comfort and better fit in vehicles, the latest generation of the Pria 70 is here.

The Pria 70 is known for its advanced safety using FlexTech technology for its multidirectional handling of energy during collisions, and it also has Air Protect technology for advanced side impact protection.

But this time Maxi-Cosi introduced the new Pria 70 lightweight convertible car seat with all new advanced features and equipped with fabrics and things too safe your children very easily and this seat provides the best comfort to your children.

Keeping the Pria 70 clean is simple. There is no need to remove the car seat from the car or perform complicated manoeuvres with the harness straps. The best lightweight car seat cover is easily unfastened and removed. You can use a washer and dryer.

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The Pria 70 lightest convertible car seat is specially designed to be installed with little space in your car, allowing more space for passengers in the front seats. Against the direction of travel works for children from 4 to 18 kg. When it has grown enough to use it facing forward, it works up to 31 kg. Both positions benefit from the side protection system.


  • It comes with the two modes rear-facing and forward-facing
  • The age limit of this seat is seven years
  • The height limit of this seat is 52 inches
  • It provides you the side impact protection
  • It comes with the washable fabrics
  • The harness cover and seat pad is also washable
  • Secures with the seat belt or LATCH
  • If you don’t have LATCH belts in your car the click tight may be easier to use.
  • This hasn’t been the case for us.
  • No LATCH system 65-pound total weight restriction.
  • It has more tilt adjustment angles.

4. Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc Plus Infant Lightweight Car Seats Review:

  • This seat is very safe
  • It comes with the best delta handle
  • For proper safety, the adjustable base is present
  • For the easier latching, flexible tether straps are present
  • This car seat is heavy

The Baby Trend EZ Walk of 5 Travel System lightweight convertible car seat is the perfect option for life, new trips with your little one. This car seat is beautifully designed in the Fashion Flower Garden, this fun and colorful print is perfectly on-trend and guaranteed to make fashion smile everywhere.

This lightest convertible car seat includes the EZ Stroller Ride and the high rating of Flex-Loc Child Car Seat, both complete with the safety and comfort that parents need and want. The stroller and child car seat features a 5-point safety harness for maximum safety and protection.

This lightest infant car seat is designed with the padding premium in a knitted comfort and comes equipped with multiple reclining positions, a large and soft headrest that can be used both in the car seat or stroller, a Father’s tray cover with deep cup holders, adjustable height of the handle and a peek-a-boo window on the hood.

The simple one hand is sometimes trouble-free and makes for easy transport and storage.


  • Seat collar with multiple reclining seat back positions
  • Peek-a-boo canopy window
  • Large storage capacity basket
  • Folding child tray with snack/cup holders
  • Father’s tray cover with 2 deep cup holders
  • Narrow tracking of dual front wheels for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Height-adjustable handle, it is ideal for multiple height variations
  • Easy 1-hand fold
  • 8 “front and 9” rear wheels
  • Baby Trend EZ Ride5 stroller is for children from birth to 50 lbs., Up to 42 “tall
  • 5-point harness to hold the baby in place
  • Easy 1-hand harness adjustment; push-release button
  • EPS foam energy absorption for added protection
  • Large, soft headrest (can be used either in the car seat or baby chair)
  • Level indicator for proper installation
  • Soft carrying handle does not scratch the arm
  • Base is installed in your car with the LATCH or automotive safety belt connectors
  • Meets or exceeds federal safety standards
  • Patented Delta multi-grip carrying handle

5. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Lightest Infant Car Seats Review:

  • It provides super safety
  • The installation system is very easy
  • The seat is small and very lightweight
  • It provides you the five-point safety harness
  • You have to manually adjust the height of the harness

The SnugRide SnugLock 30 child lightweight car seat has a simple installation using a vehicle or seat belt. In three easy steps, you can be sure that this car seat has a secure installation.

The only SnugLock Technology helps to provide a secure installation through a simple push.

This best lightweight car seat comes with the base with its 4 recline positions and easy to read level indicator helps eliminate the installation of the guesswork Click Connect and trade, technology offers one step insurance attachment to all Graco Click Connect baby strollers so it is easy to create a customized one with the travel system that best suits your style of life.

The SnugRide SnugLock 30 lightest infant car seat gives moms peace of mind and helps protect babies’ backs from 4 – 30 lbs and up to 30 “.


  • An Annoying-Free 3-Step Installation Wearing Vehicle Seat Belt or Closure
  • The lightest infant car seat that grows with and helps protect babies’ backs from 4 to 30 lbs. and up to 30.
  • The adjustable base has 4 recline positions, providing the correct position for proper installation
  • Easy to read level indicator helps eliminate the guesswork of the installation process, so you can feel sure it’s installed correctly
  • Click Connect and trade; the system provides a secure attachment to all Graco Click Connect Strollers to create a transport system.

6. Britax B-Safe 35 lightest Infant Car Seats Review

  • The warranty of this seat is one year
  • It comes with the LATCH system
  • It provides you the lightweight carrier
  • This seat comes with the 4-harness settings
  • It doesn’t provide you any cup holders

The B-Safe 35 lightweight car seat is your smart choice for a #1 car seat in safety technology. The B-Safe 35 lightweight convertible car seat for tall babies keeps your baby safe and secure so you can travel with total confidence.

The B-Safe 35 best lightweight car seat features SafeCell Impact Protection, an innovative safety system that is only found in Britax car seats. Features include an impact stabilizing steel frame for superior strength and an impact absorption base that is compressed to absorb energy during a collision.

This integrated system of safety components protects your child beyond federal safety standards. The B-Safe 35 lightest convertible car seat also has side impact protection and a contoured cover that minimizes your child’s side-to-side movement to maximize protection and space-efficient design takes up less space in your vehicle.

The B-Safe 35 lightweight car seat includes the exclusive installation of Britax, SafeCenter Latch, so you are always sure that the car seat is installed accurately. Securely secure the car seat in your vehicle with the central drive belts and lower locking connectors. And simply press a button to separate.

Proudly designed, tested and built in the United States with global components, you can count on unprecedented safety and quality. Pair this seat with any Britax stroller (sold separately) to customize the perfect travel system. With the Britax Click & Go System, the transition from B-Safe 35 from car to the stroller is fast and safe – no adapters are needed.

Britax works closely with vehicle manufacturers, consumers and child safety experts to encourage design improvements, ensure proper installation and use, and develop new ideas to improve the safety and ease of use of child safety seats.


  • It comes with the SafeCenter LATCH installation system
  • For the reduction of rough force of the collision, it provides you the absorbing base
  • It provides you the impact-stabilization steel frame
  • It comes with the five-point harness

7. Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air 360 Lightest Infant Car Seats Review:

  • Very easy to install this seat
  • This is lightweight car seat
  • It provides you the washable interior
  • Best and comfortable for your child
  • Difficult to install this seat

Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air lightweight car seat provides the best safety and comfort to your child. With the help of its new technology feature named side impact protection head of your little child will be completely safe.

In the car, the safety of the head is very important because this part is the most delicate part of the body. With this convertible car seat, you can easily enjoy trips with your child.

If we talk about the cleaning of this seat then it is very easy because this best car seat comes with a machine-washable pad. You have to just remove the pad and put it into the machine. It is specially designed for small babies but also this lightweight car seat provides you the legroom so this seat easily adapts the growing baby from 4 to 35 pounds.

It comes with advanced design and different colors. The other feature of this car seat is that it provides you the updated carry handle curve with the best grip and also comes with the LATCH system.


  • Rear-facing 4-35 pounds
  • With Air Protect against Lateral impacts: Advanced system air cushion protects your child’s head, where it is most needed in a side crash
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • 5-position base for a better fit for car
  • Carrying the Driving Curve with grip comfort makes this lightweight seat even easier to transport
  • Infant insert keeps small adjustment trip
  • Additional legroom for baby comfort
  • 4 height harness and buckle 3 places to accommodate your child’s growth
  • 5-point harness with front adjustment
  • 1 Click on the LATCH equipped with a storage latch
  • Meets or exceeds Federal and ASTM Safety Standard

8. Safety 1st Guide 65 Lightweight Convertible Car Seats Review:

  • This seat is very lightweight
  • Set up of this seat is very easy
  • It comes with the affordable price
  • Convert from the rear-facing to the front-facing car seat
  • Difficult to properly secure it to the LATCH system in a vehicle

The Guide 65 convertible lightweight car seat is aimed at children who already hold their head well, specifically for groups 1 and 2, supports from 2.3 to 29 kg, so your child can use this lightweight convertible car seat until approximately 7 years.

This lightweight car seat has 5 heights of accommodation for the harness and 3 buckle places to fit the child properly.

For installation, it has the ISOFIX system that securely anchors it to the car.

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This lightest convertible car seat has a compact design that fits perfectly well in small cars. The quality of the materials is very good and the cushions and pads that it includes in addition to being very comfortable, provide protection against side impacts.


  • It provides you the two modes of use include rear-facing and forward-facing
  • Weight limit of rear-facing is 5 to 40 pounds and for forward-facing is 22 to 65 pounds
  • It comes with the side impact protection feature
  • Adjustable headrest and also a five-point harness
  • It comes with thee compact design
  • Installation is very easy with the help of LATCH system

9. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seats Review:

  • Very easy to use
  • This seat is very lightweight
  • It provides you with the click connect technology
  • It comes with the only one crotch position

The SnugRide SnugLock 35DLX lightweight car seat has an easy installation without any bother to use the latch and seat belt of the vehicle. Make sure to install the secure seat in just three very basic and simple steps. These steps will make your installation very easy.

In Right Latch gives the base and second connection along with 4-position of recline. It becomes easy for mothers and makes the baby very comfy. The 1-hand handle and adjustable grip facilitate the exit and entry of seats.

The silent shade canopy is also placed and adjusted and it will not disturb the baby. Click Connect technology gives you a safe one-step accessory to the Graco Click Connect traveler. This seat provides you the best travel opportunity with your child, you can easily go everywhere you want to travel with newborns or toddlers.

SnugLock technology now giving you the 3-step installation of the seat without any complications. The rear-facing car seats provide complete protection to the baby. The handle is greatly adjustable along with 1-hand that will ease the entry and exit. The Silent Shade fix without any disturbance to the babies.

It is Light in weight child seats and easy to transport with InRight interlocking system. This lightweight car seat also has an adjustable base along with 4 position of recline that gives the customization of your vehicle.


  • It comes with the three-step installation feature
  • It provides you the LATCH system
  • Complete protection to your baby with the help of rear-facing
  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with the five-point harness

10. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Lightweight Car Seats Review:

  • The installation process is very easy
  • It comes with the two cup holders
  • The seat belt installation is very easy
  • For the booster mode, the LATCH system is available
  • This seat can block the rear visibility at the full height

Graco is an American brand that has been dedicated to the production of baby products since 1942.

It is characterized by offering top-quality accessories and with high safety standards, guaranteeing the comfort and protection that your little one needs during the first years of his life.

This lightweight car seat has a multi-position reclining seat to keep your baby in a comfortable position. This lightweight convertible car seat Click Connect system provides a secure attachment of the child seat to the car.

The 3 or 5 point convertible harness will grow with your baby. In addition, it features a tray with 2 cup holders for convenience.


  • 4-in-1 seat grows with your child, from 1.8 to – 54.5 Kgs
  • 6 position recline
  • The Simply Safe harness system is safe and simple.
  • Adjustable headrest with a 10-position hand
  • Tested against side impacts, in addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable safety regulations of the United States, the Graco 4Ever safety seat has been tested against side impacts for occupant retention only with the 5-point harness incorporated).
  • Engineering and crash test to meet or exceed the US FMVSS 213 standard
  • Without removing the harness you can easily remove the washable cover
  • Steel reinforced frame provides strength and durability
  • Integrated storage compartment for harness when not in use
  • It has an easy-to-read level indicator for uncomplicated installation
  • Plush inserts keep your child comfortable
  • It comes with the energy-absorbing foam for effective impact
  • 2 integrated cup holders

What is a Baby Car Seat? –  Best Lightweight Car Seat Buying Guide

It is the most appropriate protection method for when children have to travel by vehicle. These equipment for babies are quite useful and easy to install, they serve a lot for those people who have to travel frequently, either to solve personal issues or to move their babies from home to daycare and vice versa.

What should you consider before buying a baby car seat?

best lightweight infant car seat
  1. Child’s weight and age:

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying a baby car seat is the age and weight of your child. As you have seen, car seats are designed to support certain weight ranges and to use them from a certain age. If you want to buy a chair that lasts a long time, we recommend those that support wide ranges of weight, which, most of them can be used up to 12 years of age.

  1. Compliance with safety regulations:

It is very important that the seat you choose has been tested according to the regulations of the European Community, in this way you will have the guarantee that your baby is safe and protected. The car seats that we have described in this post have been tested under the regulations ece44 / 04, so you can buy any of them, and be sure you have bought a totally reliable product.

  1. Head restraints and anti-impact systems:

One of the most important points to consider is that the car seat offers some system to support the head and if it is adjustable better. Also, chairs that bring systems that prevent the baby’s head from leaning forward while sleeping should be among the first options.

Remember that, most of the time, babies fall asleep inside the car, so it is essential to protect them from neck or head injuries. Chairs that bring side systems that absorb impact are also highly recommended, as they are very safe in the early stages of growth.

  1. Anchorage system:

On this point, baby car seats that incorporate the IsoFix anchor system are highly recommended, as they provide a lot of stability.

How to keep Baby Cool in Car Seat, However, in many cases, the car seats with this system may not be compatible with your car, so before buying this type of product, you must verify what type of anchor fits your car. If you do not have a car compatible with the IsoFix system, we recommend car seats that bring seat belts with several fixing points.

  1. Comfort:

When buying a car seat, you should not forget that your baby should feel comfortable, that’s why we recommend car seats that can recline and bring padded fabrics in different areas.

All these features will help your baby travel comfortably. It is also important to check the quality of the fabric, preferring those that are soft and breathable. Finally, it is very important that the chair is washable since it is a product of continuous use, which can easily get dirty.

Types of car seats by Weight and Age:

When buying a baby car seat, you should know that there is a classification by weight and age, which is used by manufacturers to direct their products to a certain category of consumers. Then we present it to you, to serve as a guide when buying.

Chairs group 0: they are for babies with a weight between 0 and 10 kilos, so they almost always adapt to ages between 9 and 12 months of age. In most cases, they have a removable seat, capsule type to more easily transport newborns.

Chairs group I: are for children between 9 and 18 kilos, whose ages range between 1 and 3 years. They must have their own seat belt so that the child can travel sitting.

Chairs group II: are for uses of children weighing between 15 and 25 kilos, with ages between 3 and 7 years. And they should bring padded seats to provide better support.

Chairs group III:  for children from 22 to 36 kilos of weight that, generally, are older than 7 years that train a cushion that elevates the child so that he can use the car seat belt correctly.

How to choose a baby Car Seat?

Undoubtedly, the safety of our children when leaving home or travelling is a priority for families, hence the legal and mandatory regulation that every child should be seated in the vehicle in a chair specially indicated for him.

And with multiple options in the market, it can often be difficult to choose exactly the most suitable chair for our baby, for this reason, we show you the most important points to acquire the best car seat, with which we hope to clarify your doubts.

Ease of use and transport:

If you have several vehicles and you need to change the chair from one car to another or if you need to remove it frequently, it is best to choose a light and quick-attach chair, so that you do not worry about carrying a lot of weight or wasting time adjusting it. If you have several cars, keep in mind that the anchor system must be compatible with all of them.


Check the type of adjustment that the car seat you want has, since today the Isofix anchor system is distinguished as the safest, but also the most expensive. This system is based on two rings that come attached to the body of the vehicle in which the chair is held directly through rigid bars.

Apart from this, the chair includes the safety harness with which the baby will be attached and an additional point, either upper or lower, that will stretch the chair so that it is securely fixed to the car seat. However, you must ensure that your vehicle is compatible with this mechanism, otherwise, you should buy a chair with traditional installation.

Settings and comfort:

Taking into account that your baby is going to grow very fast, you must make sure that the safety belt is easy to adjust, place or remove with one hand since this type of model is the most appropriate since they can be attached in a way Quick and unfasten with a single movement.

Even if you are looking for a good and cheap chair, your child’s comfort will also be essential, since he will have a good time sitting in it, so you will want his Car Seats to be comfortable. To do this, you should check the padding that includes the chair, as well as appropriate head support with which the baby can rest comfortably and his sleep is not interrupted by a bad position.

Chair weight and size:

Measure your vehicle well to estimate how much space you have for the chair, in addition, calculate if apart from the baby you need one or two seats in the back. If you have the side collision protection system, you may be interested in having the two sides installed separately to acquire more space on the passenger side.


Certainly, the appearance greatly influences the cost of the product, as there are many different color models and designs that you can choose from a varied range until you find the one that matches the upholstery of your vehicle or that predominates for being of an attractive print.

Also, you should check the dimensions of the chair and its weight, as this will influence the handling of it when you have to place it or remove it from the car.

Safety and Hygiene:

Nowadays, the new ranges of baby seats are equipped to identify their resistance to lateral impacts, that is, they have been designed with special foams that attract strength in case of some lateral collision to protect the chest and head of your son.

With regard to cleaning, as it is a product that will always be in direct contact with the baby, it must have excellent hygiene and always be kept in good condition, so it is advisable to choose a model that has a removable textile lining and that can be washed in a washing machine or by hand to remove stains or dirt, very common when we have a baby.


The price diversity is very extensive, however, the safety and comfort of the child must be paramount before the economy. There are endless options, so, if you search well, you can find one with an excellent quality-price that fits your needs and those of your baby.

Where to buy a Car Seat for children?

There are many virtual platforms that we can visit when choosing the best Car Seats products, perfect for the smallest of the house when traveling by car, products at the best prices and of excellent quality. The most recommended web portals are the following:

Amazon: Being one of the best online Car Seats stores known for its safety and speed, it is best to be the first purchase option. Not only does it have the best offers and promotions on these products, but it also offers the largest number of brands available.

Errors-To Avoid:

Stop using the chair early: Many parents say they only took it out for a moment because the child was annoying or simply did not use the chair because the child does not like it. So, in those moments it is that we must remember that in a second anything can happen, and we could regret a lifetime of not having used the chair.

We must keep in mind that the use of the safety seat is indispensable and is a law for the driver. Therefore, we must continue using it until our child reaches the age or height allowed. The most important thing is the child’s safety, so it is best to follow the rules and we also take care of our children.

Buy a second-hand Seat: I know that many times we fall in love with those low prices that we observe in those stores, but that is a mistake. Although it is very pleasant to spend less, you are putting your child’s life at risk, and the same happens when they give you a used chair.

When using that type of chair, you are probably missing an important piece and you don’t know it. In addition, many come without instructions, which makes life more complicated.

On the other hand, when the chair is old and used the plastic becomes increasingly fragile, which presents a danger to your baby, since it can break easily at the time of a crash.

If your only option is really to buy a second-hand chair, you must make sure that it contains its instructions and observe very carefully to be completely sure that it does not lack any parts and is in good condition. Preferably not exceed 5 years of use.

How to use a baby Car Seat?

Generally, car seats are a safe ally for every parent when traveling with their baby; well, thanks to this accessory you can provide little complete comfort and safety.

The different models are classified by groups between 0 months and up to 12 years of age, so when using one of these products, you will need to carefully review the specifications. Here’s a series of steps on how to use a car seat correctly.

Read the instruction manual: Before you start using the car seat it is essential that you read the instructions carefully, so you can get used to the product and know the correct way to use it. You will also find some tips on cleaning upholstery, which is essential to do properly to make this accessory more durable.

Place the reducer: The reducer is an element used for the first months of the baby, which gives more comfort and safety to your delicate body. Fixing this piece is quite easy, being necessary to place it on the chair and secure it in the appropriate points. Do not forget to verify that it does not slip with the movement.

Assemble the chair: The assembly of the chair is very simple, you just have to place it on the back seat of your vehicle and cross the safety belt at the back of the structure to ensure. Besides, if the model includes an ISOFIX type anchor system and this is compatible with the car, do not hesitate to implement it, as it will offer you greater stability.

Regulates the chair: Mostly, this type of chair offers certain adjustment points such as the height of the headrest and its relevant recline, so it is necessary that you know the respective buttons included in the structure to fulfill these functions. So you can press them and at the same time adjust it to the desired position.

Adjust the safety harness: To adjust this item, you will need to sit the baby in the chair. Then, carefully slide the belt over the chest, crotch, waist or shoulders of the child’s body.

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Remember that this may vary depending on the model chosen. Finally, hook each of the closure systems prepared between the harness and the structure.

Clean the chair: This point will depend on the design of the chair. In case it has a removable lining, you can wash it with water and neutral soap, as recommended by the manufacturer. On the other hand, if the cover is not removed, you should clean the surface using a dry cloth with a specialized product or use a handheld vacuum to remove dust and debris.

Where to locate the car seat for children?

The safest place to place the car seat for the baby is in the central rear seat, as this is far from all impact areas. However, several models of vehicles or chairs do not allow this option, therefore, you must choose between the sides.

Therefore, the best option is the right seat, since there the exposure in the two-way tracks is lower, so you can get on and off the small one being further away from traffic.

How long should children use Car Seats?

This will depend on the laws of each country. Although, generally the use of this chair was mandatory until 12 years of age. However, the new laws state that the limits are attributed to the child’s height and not his age.

Some countries have accepted this modality by determining that the use of this chair is mandatory for all infants measuring 1.35 meters or less.

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