Best Forward Facing Car Seat in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Forward facing baby car seat is a chair or seat made specifically for babies and children who share moments with their parents while travelling in the car.

They have the functionality of being used in two different ways, such as a forward view seat; or backwards the latter is the most used. They are designed to fit a wide range of sizes and weights.

Forward Facing Car Seat Guidelines & What age are Baby Chairs appropriate?

Most forward facing car seats are designed to be used with babies as small as two and a half kilos. From here, they adapt until your child weighs between 18 and 20 kilos or height of approximately one meter.

It all depends on the model and the brand. For example, a seat that supports a maximum weight of 20 kilos can be used from birth to 4 years of age, while other models will support the weight of a 7-year-old child.

Do I need the Best Forward Facing Car Seat?

We currently spend a lot of time in our vehicles. So most parents choose to use baby seats. Simply for comfort. The seats are removable, easily removed from the car. There are models that are hooked to a stroller, due to its detachable base.

While, in terms of safety, baby chairs offer safety when travelling with children. It is required to take into account, to ensure safety, the baby or child must comply with the minimum weight and use the seat correctly. The most advisable thing for a newborn is to travel with the mother.

10 Best Forward Facing Car Seat in 2021 – Detail Reviews:

In this guide, we will tell you about the top 10 best forward facing car seats for your baby with complete comparison and buying guide. So read the complete article and select your car seat.

1. Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • It comes with the three-recline positions
  • This seat is available in different colors including Venti, Kate and Mosaic
  • It provides you the 2 built-in cupholders
  • The seat cover of this seat is machine washable
  • The expiration date is 9 years
  • It provides you the three layers of side impact protection

ClickTight installation system ensures that everyone can install the car seat safely and confidently just fasten the seat belt. This front facing car seat for baby has SafeCell impact protection which is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child beyond federal safety standards.

Including an impact absorption base, strap and harness, a steel frame impact stabilizers and full side impact protection PLUS

Britax Pinnacle best forward facing car seat comes with the quick fit, 9 position harness and 2 position buckle allows you to easily move the harness up and out the buckle for a comfortable fit, sure your child grows

Front recline adjustment of this combination car seat easily alters the seat angle for your child’s comfort in the ClickTight Britax Pinnacle G1.1 deck for a car seat. The integrated storage and cup holders keep drinks, snacks, and toys on hand.

The EZ-buckle system of this front facing car seat keeps the buckle out of its way by putting the child in the car seat. Easy to remove the cover for cleaning convenience.


  • The installation process is super easy
  • It comes with the steel-inforced frame
  • For the comfort and safety, it provides you the lots of padding


  • This car seat is very heavy and bulky

2. Britax Grow with You ClickTight Plus Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • This seat is the combination of harness and booster seat
  • It comes with the ClickTight technology
  • For better side-impact safety, it provides you the SafeCell impact protection
  • This seat is made in the USA

Britax Frontier 90 model has another successor which is Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster front facing car seat for Britax. So, it became much more advanced with incredible characteristics. These seats consist of only a single click installation system which fixes it tightly just like pie.

You just have to buckle the belt and it would be security safely fix it into its position.

The advancement in 9-point harness, 2-position buckle and multi-position reclines will just make your baby so comfy and fit onto the seat. When you move the harness in upward direction then the snug will be attained and it highly depends on the size and height of the baby.

The angle of the 3-position recline is capable of repositioning the seats of the car just to provide a more comfortable position.

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Besides these features, there is another feature of this front facing car seat is highly helpful for you are “removable cushions, latch connectors, two cup holders, and also side protection”. Harness position system can be used when the babe weight is 25 to 90 lbs.

Now you can easily improve your transition mode it will also support the 40 to 120 lbs weighted toddlers. So, for the use of a harness, the height is limited that is 20 to 58 or 23 to 62 as well.

Britax Frontier combination car seat has an incredible priority because these are made up of specially designed Safecell which is highly specific for the protection system. This system is only found in the Britax brand.
This special system concluded Stell bars, double-layered foam, and energy-absorbing tether. For the capabilities especially for safety, this car seat has been awarded by NHTSA in the previous year of 2015.


  • The cover of this seat is removable and washable
  • Installation is very easy as compared to other car seats
  • It comes with the high harness height (9 level adjustment)


  • The cupholders of this seat are not removable

How to Install Forward Facing Car Seat with Seatbelt:

3. Britax Grow with You Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Pebble Review


Highlighted Features

  • The weight capacity for forward-facing is 25 to 70 pounds
  • In the booster mode weight limit is 40 to 110 pounds
  • It comes with the nine position harness for the comfort and safety of your child
  • LATCH connectors for the easy installation

The Britax Pioneer is the best forward facing car seat and this seat grows with your baby, you can convert it from harness to the booster mode. Britax Pioneer’s front-facing car seat provides you the special design and advanced features that will provide comfort and safety to your child at the time of forward-facing.

If you want to buy the best and advanced front facing car seat then Britax is designed for you

If we talk about the safety features of the Britax forward facing car seat then it comes with the foam-lined headrest and energy-absorbing shell, the other feature is side-impact protection. These safety features will provide safety to your child and protect her/him from the different injuries at the time of dangerous accidents.

It also provides you the LATCH system for the easy installation. The Pioneer combination booster car seat allows you to remove the cover for washing without any effort.


  • It comes with the soft and decent cushion
  • It comes with too many recline positions
  • 2 Cupholders are also provided with this


  • Shifting from one car to another car is difficult

4. Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4 In 1 Best Forward Facing Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • 4-in-1 seat
  • Extend2Fit 4-position
  • Up to 50 lb rear
  • The washable cover seat
  • Easy to remove without removing the harness
  • Simply Safe Headrest
  • 2 integrated cup holders

The Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4-in-1 best forward facing car seat comes with the 10 years of warranty. This seat is best comfortable and safe for you and also for your baby, as baby transitions rear-facing car seat weight limit is 4 to 50 lbs and weight limit for facing the front of the five-point car seat harness is 22 to 65 lbs.

The weight limit of the positioning belt is 40 to 100 lbs and the weight limit without positioning belt is 40 to 120 lbs. The other feature is it provides you the 3-position extension panel along with this it also provides you the extra legroom of five inches for the safety of your child.

It provides you the position of the headrest and the system adjustment harness lock for the proper adjustments, these features allow you to adjust headrest and headgear together.

The six recline positions of this best facing car seat keep your child comfortable, while the InRight LATCH system with a second accessory makes installation easy. It is the only seat that really goes baby booster!


  • 4-in-1 seat grows with your child, so you can enjoy 10 years of use, from 4 -120 lb
  • Extend2Fit 4-position panel extension for an additional 5 “legroom
  • Up to 50 lb rear, allowing your child for a safe driving rear-facing front end; of the plush, inserts keep your child comfortable;
  • The washable cover seat is easy to remove without removing the harness
  • Simply Safe Headrest System Adjusting Harness and Adjusting Harness together; with one hand, 10-position adjustable headrest easily adapts for your growing child
  • In Right closure system for an easy, second attachment LATCH; integrated belt lock-off for easy installation vehicle seat belt; easy-to-read level indicator helps eliminate rear-facing conjecture installation
  • 2 integrated cup holders keep your child drinks or snacks near at hand; Integrated storage compartment harness has unused straps while harnessing in the positioning belt reinforcement mode


  • Seat belt installation is very easy
  • The installation process is very easy
  • It comes with the 2 removable cup holders
  • You can easily convert it between different modes


  • It provides you the only LATCH system for both forward and rear-facing

5. Evenflo Tribute LX Best Front Facing Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • The highest weight capacity is 40 pounds
  • It provides you the 5-point harness and 1-recline position
  • It provides you the single cup holder
  • This seat is machine washable
  • LATCH system is also provided by this seat

The Evenflo Tribute LX best front facing car seat comes with the baby looking back and the weight limit is 5 to 30 lbs and height 19 to 37 inches and looking forward weight limit is 22 to 40 lbs.

Not only this the Evenflo Tribute LX forward-facing car seat comes with the other too many qualities that you are searching for in the best combination car seat.

If we talk about the safety of your child with this front facing car seat then this seat has the best safety ratings and provides you the side impact protection and 5-point harness for safety. Evenflo Tribute LX best booster harness seat comes with the easy installation and uninstallation process, you can easily clean this seat also.

Britax Frontier combination car seat has an incredible priority because these are made up of specially designed Safecell which is highly specific for the This seat is best for traveling with your child. If you have too many vehicles then you can transfer this seat from one vehicle to another vehicle without any difficulty. If we talk about the measurement of this front facing car seat for baby. the weight is 9 pounds, 18.5″ wide, 25.5″ height, and the length is 22″


  • Evenflo is very lightweight
  • Price is very affordable
  • Best forward-facing car seat for the traveling
  • The installation and uninstallation process is very easy


  • Not best for international traveling

6. Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Best Forward Facing Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • You can convert this seat from five-point harness to a positioning booster
  • It comes with the steel frame
  • LATCH system for the installation
  • It provides you the four-position recline

The Chicco MyFit Harness and Booster is the position of belt in the car seat. As it is frame just to grow along with the toddler to children. Not only this, the transition of this forward-facing car seat for Chicco is very comfy and without any complication from 5 harnesses to the belt of vehicle seats. There are positions that are about nine headsets.

That will grow throughout the work and modes along with 4 position recline just to support the exact posture. Besides this, a deeply extra Ergo boost seat has double density foam and the padding of these seats is like slope and is designed for great comfortability.

There is double-sided Guard protection that gives you protection of two layers which is especially for both zones. One of them is a rigid shell and the other one is energy-absorbing foam “EPS” in which the head of the children is surrounded well. The rigid shell of this seat is designed with the aid of a steel frame which gives high protection to your child.

The MyFit best front facing car seat is framed to be as easy for the installation of a seat in a very simple way with complete accuracy. Premier LockSure belt-tightening system and LATCH connectors make it very simple and easy to install in the car.


  • It provides you the too many safety features
  • It comes with the one hand harness adjustment
  • Seat belt installation process is very easy and fast


  • This car seat is heavy

7. Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3 in 1 Harness Booster Best Front Facing Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • The integrated harness storage compartment holds unused harness straps while in belt position reinforcement mode
  • With one hand, 5-position adjustable headrest is easy to use and fits for your growing child
  • Keeps your child in a booster seat up to 120 pounds for the longevity of use, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations
  • Free storage harness rampage holds the buckle out of the way, so it’s easy to get baby in and out
  • Body support helps keep your child comfy. 5 point Harness height mode: 27-49 inches

Graces the best rated Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 best forward facing car seat extends from child to youth to help keep your growing child safe. With TrueShield advancing in side impact protection from head to hips, this forward-facing car seat Graco grows with your child from 22 to 120 pounds. It starts as a harness reinforcement 22-65 lb.

becomes a high-backed reinforcement from 40-100 pounds, and becomes an auxiliary backless seat from 40-120 lb.

The Simply Adjust safety harness allows you to adjust the harness and headrest together as your child grows through each mode and then stores the harness away easily in the high-backed reinforcement mode. You’ll appreciate the ease of the uncomplicated harness for easy entry and exit.

Small passengers will enjoy the premium fabric, body support, personal cup holder, and storage compartment.

The Nautilus 65 LX best combination car seat is the perfect mix of safety, function, and comfort! Removable body support helps keep your child comfortable; 3-position recline helps keep your growing child comfortable but it does not include backup mode.


  • This seat comes with the three in one harness options
  • Adjustment of harness and headrest are also provided
  • It provides you the storage pockets and cup holders
  • You can easily use the high back and front-facing for your child


  • This seat doesn’t provide you the feature of the rear-facing

8. Graco Nautilus SnugLock LX 3 in 1 Best Harness Booster Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • It comes with the InRight LATCH system for the attachment of one-second LATCH
  • The expiration date of this seat is after 10 years because of its durability
  • The body of this seat provides complete comfort and safety to your child
  • For the effective impact management, it provides you the EPS energy-absorbing foam

The Nautilus Snug Lock LX best front-facing car seat comes with the Snug Lock technology for best and easy installation of this seat with the help of the LATCH system or seat belt. You can install Nautilus SnugLock LX best forward-facing car seat in simple three steps.

If we talk about the measurement of this seat then the weight is 22.07 lbs, 27.5″ height and the width is 20.0″, and the depth of this seat is 19.5″

The three in one harness enhancer of this best combination car seat is converted from a 5-point harness enhancer and that is 10 to 29.5 kg, now into a high back is 18 to 45 kgs, to a thinner booster is 18 to 54.4 kgs, and to a backless reinforcement is 18 45 kgs.

The simple and safe adjust harness of this car seat allows you to adjust both harness and headrest together as your baby grows and after this harness of this forward-facing car seat is stored in the mode of reinforcement.

It comes with the machine-washable fabrics, so you can easily wash this seat and your child will also enjoy the armrest storage, double cupholders for the cold drinks and recline systems of this forward facing convertible car seat. The Nautilus SnugLock LX harness booster seat will definitely grow with your son and it’s the last car seat for your baby that you will buy.


  • 2 cup holders come with this seat
  • It comes with the steel-reinforced frame
  • SnugLock technology for the easy installation


  • According to its features price is high

9. Diono Rainier 2AX best forward facing Car Seat Review


Highlighted Features

  • It provides you the SuperLATCH system
  • It comes with the extra rear-facing capacity and that is up to 50 pounds
  • This seat is FAA certified
  • It comes with the 3-position waist strap
  • For the installation of the rear-facing detachable boot is present

ALL-STAR SAFETY AND DESIGN CAR SEAT: The 2AX Rainier best front-facing car seat is a luxury child safety seat that protects children throughout early childhood and makes traveling with infants and toddlers as safe and secure. Easy as possible.

EXTENDED SUPERIOR looking back SAFETY AND PROTECTION: This forward facing car seat comes with the powerful integrated steel frame, and convertible badge protects babies facing 5-50 pounds and facing forward up to 65 pounds in a 5-point harness.

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DYNAMICS AND PROTECTION Side impact: Reinforced with memory foam seat and extra deep aluminum impact side walls lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam, Rainier child safeguards in a cloud of protective padded comfort.

MAXIMUM SAFETY AND EASY INSTALLATION: Using the audible Super LATCH click / visual-locking indicator connector system, the 5 shoulder / 3 buckle positions, expandable leg rests, that seat is easy to scale in / out as they grow, non-slip rubber base for a secure installation.

It comes with the machine-washable fabrics, so you can easily wash this seat TRAVELING IN THE WORLD OF LUXURY AND COMFORT: Created with a machine washable, high-quality knitted plush fabric seat, removable custom child support cushions, luxurious padding throughout, folds for easy storage, and is a seat of safety approved by the FAA for air transport.


  • Price is too low
  • Rear-facing capacity up to 50 pounds
  • Forward-facing capacity up to 65 pounds
  • It comes with the steel alloy frame


  • It doesn’t provide you the 12-position head support system

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Review


Highlighted Features

  • In the front and back seat, it provides you the too many extra room
  • For the comfort of your baby, Maxi Cosi Pria 70 comes with a lot of padding and cushions
  • You can easily adjust this seat in 3 different recline positions for the safety and security of your baby
  • It comes with the soft fabric for the cold months and the other thing is that in the hot months it automatically micks moisture.

The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 forward-facing car seat is designed to place babies looking back (4 to 18 kg) with the TintyFit system and looking forward when they are older (up to 32 kg). Airport technology, an advanced air mattress system that protects the baby’s head.

Both positions benefit from the side protection system. Perfect one-hand insert harness and adaptable headrest for a secure and personalized fit.

Maxi Cosi 70 combination car seat comes with the deep recline adjustment for easy installation and positioning of the baby in the backward-facing position.

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 front facing car seat LATCH Isofix system. The LATCH system can only be used on vehicles that have LATCH anchor bars installed in designated LATCH seating positions or are attached to the Isofix system of the car. It can also be used with the adult seat belt.


  • It comes with the two many safety features including FlexTech and Side impact protection
  • Child weight range, babies from the 9 to 40 pounds are for rear-facing and for a forward-facing convertible car seat for tall babies are from 22 to 70 pounds.
  • Maxi Cosi Pria 70 comes with less price and advanced features.


  • It’s hard to open the buckle
  • Sometimes properly tighten the straps is difficult
  • The other thing is that when this seat is in rear-facing mode then you can’t use the teather
  • It comes with the three different recline positions but difficult to adjust the different recline positions

Is it good to buy a used or second-hand Car Seat?

best booster seat with harness

It is possible to buy a used chair. Although everything depends. A prior review is required. The chair must be in good condition. It should be observed before the entire structure, there should be no damage If the chair suffered a fall, it could have been damaged and it is likely that it will not fulfill its function in an accident.

The seat materials are designed to provide protection for a period of time (between 6 and 8 years). They have usability date, determined by the manufacturer.

The user manual is often not kept, which is useful for proper handling. Something you should observe is if you have the accessories. Are important.

Family members usually leave their chairs in good condition. It is an opportunity to save money.

It is a personal criterion to acquire a used chair or receive one from a friend or relative. I think that many times, the news is better when the products have to do with security. Recent models have the advantage of improvements considered, such as designs for each lifestyle.

What is the safest car seat for a Car? and Forward Facing Car Seat Guidelines:

Although, in too many countries, so far there are no specific regulations on how to use baby seats and their safety. So recommendations of regulations in the US will be considered, to apply to your consideration.

For security issues, it is difficult to qualify on a 5-star scale. Basically you can say that it is safe or not. If the car seat is available for sale, it means that it has exceeded the current crash safety standards.

In addition, as it is known “the safest car seat is the one that is used correctlyâ€. Some seats are easier to adjust than others.

On the other hand, classifications of ” ease of use ” can be established. They can be on a 5-star scale, related to labels, instructions, installation features and ease of use.

Consider the following features before Buying the best forward-facing Car Seat:

  • It is easy to use. It can be simply mounted to the car. Secure the baby. You must include a written instruction manual clearly.
  • They are removable from their base. The seat is easily placed and removed to the base, only the belt is buckled.
  • It has accessories, for example, adjustable feet for proper recline. They have level indicators like a bubble that shows the degrees of inclination.
  • It is easy to adjust. Your child will grow, a good chair adjusts to its height during its development just by moving the straps and head support. Practical models allow you to adjust the safety straps with just one hand.
  • It has a lower anchor system and child restraint straps (LATCH). The chairs are currently manufactured with this system.
  • There are two types of LATCH connectors: fixed with a flexible strip that is inserted into the chair, and the rigid connectors, come directly from the back of the chair. The rigid connector is considered the easiest to use.
  • This system fixes the seat directly to the car without using the seat belt.
  • It is easy to clean. It must have a removable cover to wash it.
  • It is comfortable. It has well-padded pillows and a good headrest.
  • Absorbs side impacts. These seats are made with a special foam that absorbs impacts. They are designed to better protect your baby’s head and chest in the case of a side blow.

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